February 2009 Update

So after months of being able to post something, I will finally post something! LOL
I started a nice letter to send to everyone for Christmas. Then the snow came so I have edited and posted it here.

As 2008 ends and 2009 begins we thought you might like to know how things are going in our world.
Messalina and Claudius (our cats) are both well. Messalina has found a new place to sleep at night, right at the foot of the bed and two inches below Anthony’s feet so she can better lick Anthony’s feet at 1:00am to show her love. Claudius, not to be out done has moved his evening repose to the dead center of the bed right between us. The honor of whom he faces changes nightly. But no matter what he blesses one of us with claws and the other with fur up the nose.
We had one medical scare with Messalina when Anthony found blood on the bed sheets and Messy bleeding from her mouth. Luckily it only turned out to just be a $900.00 abscessed tooth. Unluckily for Messy the Doctor did have to pull her lower right fang. She is now the 3 fang wonder. And thanks to Joshua working for Banfield we got the $900.00 bill knocked down to under $50.00
This past June , Sam (Joshua’s brother) came up from Arizona to live with us. Yes, Mom finally had enough and figured that Sam would do better in a here in Portland… That or she hates us… We are still trying to figure out which. Sam is doing well, but still has not adapted to the NW weather. Summer was too cold and winter is proving to be his undoing. His first spring week half of Portland was in shorts while poor Sam shivered under two layers of clothing and a heavy coat.
Sam is currently working at Safeway as a checker, backup deli, and nighttime file maintenance engineer. Hopefully soon they will be giving him more hours so he can begin to keep us in the lifestyle to which we have not been accustomed to. Until then he continues to raid our pantry at night while we sleep. When Mom told us of his impending arrival in our lives, we decided that it would be a good idea to get a bigger house and move out of our townhouse apartment. So we moved a few blocks away to the Starkwood area where we have a little more privacy and rented a real house. The house is a nice three bedroom with back yard and small garden that we planted in the back. Anthony, showing off his green thumb, planted a multitude of veggies while Josh and Sam barbequed all summer.
In July James, Joshua’s other “French” brother, who came up came for 4th of July week. We all drove down to Oceanside, Oregon where we spent the weekend in a new ocean house with an amazing view! The on beach fireworks show was one of best we have ever seen and more amazing both Josh and James still have all their fingers at the end of the evening.
Then just when we thought we had the house empty, Sam’s girlfriend, Kelly, came up unexpectedly for an extended stay to visit Sam in his new hamster cage….. ahh new home and help him polish off what was left in our now empty pantry.
September saw us in Disney World again for our yearly vacation. For the second year in a row, we traveled down during their free dining month. No crowds and free meals at all the wonderful Disney restaurants. We stayed at the Disney Riverside Hotel and had a blast driving around in our rented PT Crusier. Disney World was great but our trips in 2009 looks even better. We are currently planning a road trip this spring to visit the family in Salt Lake and Phoenix. And it looks good that both of our jobs will be sending us to Las Vegas for two separate conventions.
As you might know, Joshua is currently enrolled in University of Phoenix and is now only 2 years away from his Bachelors degree in Finance. Joshua is excelling with a 3.53 GPA. Joshua also recently received promotion at work and transferred departments from Payroll to Marketing as a Pricing Analyst.
After years dedicated service, Anthony was recently “honored” by being appointed to the position of Speaker of the House, for the new Parliament for the International Court System. The Imperial Court System is a LGBT nonprofit organization with chapters in 65 cities across the United States, Canada and Mexico that helps raise money for charities. Anthony will be overseeing the Parliament for 2 years. Which will be meeting at fun locations all over the United States.
Our biggest news started a few months ago while searching the internet. We came across the Oregon waiting children’s adoption page. After reading a few of the children’s stories one story made us stop cold. The adoption agency was actively looking for a two father home. After both of us read the story and had a long talk we decided that adopting a child was something we both wanted to look into doing. So we decided, that we should start the groundwork to make that happen someday. Step one on the road to adoption was to become a legally recognized couple by the state of Oregon.
Step two happened a week later when we took our first orientation class then quickly signed up for the pre-adoption training classes. Now with all our adoption classes taken, we are currently looking into a special needs adoption here in Oregon. Special needs children are children in state foster care of varying ages and ethnicity waiting to be adopted. Due to backgrounds of neglect or abuse, some may have cognitive, physical, or emotional delays or disabilities. Our dream currently is to adopt a little boy between 4 and 8 years old. We have opened a special savings account and have been faithful adding money monthly so we can add a limb to our family tree. The average adoption in the United States runs around $10,000 so we are asking anyone who would like to help us achieve our adoption dream to help donate to our adoption fund. So if you want to get us anything for a wedding gift, Christmas present or birthday gift for a while at least… please just send money every penny will help us out.