The Home Inspection


This would mark our third home inspection. The first two were for Jayme’s adoption.

So going into it, we felt very confident. We only had to add a few things prior to the inspection.

First was a CO2 detector, which was mounted by the laundry room. We also had to make sure every bedroom of our home had a smoke alarm with fresh batteries.

Anthony created the new Emergency Fire Exit plan diagram, which has been posted clearly by the front door. We also had a full family fire drill out to the emergency meeting location.

Our fire extinguisher is up to date, so our only major investment was for a CO2 alarm, which was $20 bucks.

We love our house, but we love our houses potential WAY more. So the one thing that we did freak out about was how others would see our home. It’s a former back repo and prior to that was a rental. So everything is serviceable, but not really pretty. The kitchen is outdated, the hallways still have mismatched trim. But the worst part of the house is how white it is. We have been holding off painting because we want to knock down the popcorn ceilings first. Finding time for this has proved difficult in our busy schedules. So apart from Jayme’s room, the house is very bland and white.

Our adoption clinician was scheduled to come over to see the house and perform the inspection on Monday November 11th at 6:00pm, so the weekend prior we had a good clean out of the house. We might hate how the house looks, but we can make it as clean as possible.

Joshua climbed up to the roof and blew off the latest round of pine needles. Jayme and Anthony raked leaves and blew the walkways clean. We also tossed out the dead Halloween pumpkins, much to Jayme’s dismay.

Inside, was pretty clean to start off with. We are at the end of the war with the flea’s. But part of our flea maintenance to keep them gone has been to vacuum almost daily.

Joshua and Jayme did a super clean of the upstairs while Anthony did a power clean of the downstairs and kitchen.

Jayme spent most of Saturday in his room, play/cleaning, but the end results were great.

Our Adoption clinician arrived a little past 6 pm and Jayme gave her a full tour of the house. The whole inspection took less then 30 mins and before we knew it Jayme was in his room while the three of us were sitting around the kitchen table talking about what the next steps would be.


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