Keep Calm and Carry On

14 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds until we go to committee. Not that we are keeping track or anything…

So this past week we had an update meeting with our adoption clinician. It was a very positive meeting. We also were able to do a follow up conference call with the kido’s therapist at the same time, which was super helpful. We had a lot of post FAS workshop questions. It’s funny the more you know the more questions you can come up with.

We have another followup phone conference with the kido’s caseworker set for next week to do one last run of follow up questions. But other then that, and barring any new ideas we might come up with or be given to prep ourselves, we are feeling pretty ready.

The hello book is printed and done, we have both finished all of the suggested books & articles and the kido’s room is prepped and ready to go. We are feeling pretty prepared. That in itself is a bit unnerving. But, no matter what the committee decides we both feel we have done all we can and done our best.

So now, we just have to keep ourselves busy and try our best not to think about it. To that end we have picked up 2 new video games for the house. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood & You don’t know Jack. All three of us are big fans of the Assassin’s Creed games, so there has been much negotiating and bribing on who gets to play it and when. You don’t know Jack is a funny Quiz game that all three of us can play. It has very funny and obscure questions.

We also have a new upcoming project. Joshua’s eldest brother Shiloh is getting married in May. He has asked Joshua to be his best man. So you know what that means… Anthony gets to plan the Stag party!!!!

The party right now looks like it will be a night of bowling. The whole party will be very family friendly as we expect Shiloh will to want to bring his daughter to his bachelors party, and we hope our new son. Not to mention, that this will be in Salt Lake City.

This past weekend we had a conference call with Shiloh and his bride to be and talked wedding stuff. And YES, Anthony starting channeling David Tutera. It was a very amusing phone call as 4 people, 2 laptops and 1 iPad all searched the Men’s Warehouse tux rental website.

So the weekend of May 14th, we are heading to Salt Lake city. Still have not decided if we are driving or flying. We will have Sam with us and perhaps a new kido to introduce to the Familia. Price it going to be the biggest factor, because 2 weeks after the wedding we have Joshua’s Birthday trip. This seems to be our new unintentional thing, visit La Familia, then take a vacation. 🙂