Happy Times

Today we had a conference call with the Caseworker of of a new sibling group we are learning more about. It was such a great call!

The caseworker was very open with information and seemed happy & excited to talk with us. This is a very different experience then we just had where information was scarce and we never got that “good” “happy” vibe from any of the people we talked with. But today we have a really good feeling about this match and really feel we made the right choice last week.

The four of us (our Adoption worker, the Caseworker, Joshua & Anthony) all talked for a good 50 mins and covered a lot of ground. We can’t post anything about what was said, but ┬áit looks like we are heading to committee again! Date and time to be determined, but the caseworker is putting in the paperwork this week.

Thankfully the house is still primed and ready. Anthony has started work on new hello books and Joshua is looking at Baby’s R Us advertisements again.

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