So spring has arrived and with it the return to the waiting time that comes with adoption.

With a few warm sunny days we found ourself’s outside and working in the yard. We started in the backyard. We cut way the moss and made paths. Then came up with a battle plan for the backyard. Anthony tore out the rotting railway tie steps and Joshua worked on the fence and de-mossing the roof and cleaning the gutters.

But since this the Oregon, the sun departed and the spring rain started. We quickly found ourselves back inside with nothing to do. When we first moved into our new home the very first room we flipped was the laundry room. We scrapped off the popcorn ceiling, installed a ceiling vent and painted it a lovely blue color. We also painted Jayme’s room. But since then, we have not worked on many home projects other then installing new blinds.┬áThis was about to change…

First we planned just to do the dining room. But once Anthony had cleared and scraped the ceiling of the ugly mud it was clear we had to keep going into the living room. The cats hated this process. Every window was draped in plastic, the floors got a plastic drop the a paper drop on top of that. Worse they were banned from both rooms along with all of the furniture.

Jayme loved the ceiling removal process. He stripped himself down into his angry bird underwear, put on his heavy dust mask and got to run around the room spraying water in the house! Anthony did not love it nearly as much as Jayme did, but he was SO happy to get rid of the ugly popcorn!

Once the popcorn came down, we decided to fully flip the two rooms. We called a fireplace repairman out to look at our fireplace. We had been told that the prior owners had burned wood in a gas fireplace and ruined it. Well the truth was the fireplace is a wood fireplace with a gas lighter system. So other then needing a good cleaning and a few parts we were good to go.

With the fireplace ok, we decided to take down the ugly 80’s stone work and replace it with something a bit more modern.

The fight this time on paint colors was a rather short one. Normally it takes us months to agree on something (our sofa took months to find). But the color pallet came together pretty easily. We made a wall of paint samples and kept moving them around the room until we found something we all liked.



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