One visit, one award & two trips

Fall has arrived and we are past our 1 year point on our home study. That anniversary is not marked by happy thoughts. In less then one year we will have to have a whole new one written for us. It’s frustrating it’s hard not to feel a bit of hopelessness. The whole process has started to feel like we have been packing the car for a great road trip for 2 years and can’t seem to back out of the driveway. But we keep trying to focus on the positives. Like  how amazing that road trip is going to be and how great our new caseworker has turned out to be.

But the big family news was Joshua’s mother stopping by for a one day quick visit as she traveled north into Washington. It caused a great flurry of activity in our house. We spent all day Saturday cleaning an prepping the house, Sam even cleaned his room! We aired out the future kido’s room, washed the sheets and made it a bit more adult with some nice fresh flowers. We always like it with family visits. (Yes Kristian, that is a hint)

Sunday morning Joshua drove out to the airport and picked up mom while Anthony cooked breakfast. German pancakes with homestyle potatoes. We spend the day chatting and ended the day with a nice homemade dinner (Anthony’s cheese manicotti and Anthony’s Grandmothers rassberry marshmallow dessert- YUMMY!). On Monday Joshua and Sam took mom to breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast spots. It was great visit and a prequel for our upcoming trip to Phoenix.

The following weekend Anthony attended Portland’s Coronation to watch our good friend Scott step-down as Portland’s Emperor and to help celebrate the Lovely Suzanne’s 10 year as a Rose Empress. During the Queen Mother of the America’s address, Anthony was called to the stage and bestowed the honorary title of Speaker Emeritus of the ICC Parliament for his work in helping with the founding of the International Court Systems Parliament and his for his service as it’s first Speaker of the House.

We have two fun trips currently planned coming up soon. For Thanksgiving all three of us (Anthony, Joshua & Sam) are flying down to Phoenix and then staying over for Joshua’s parents 30th wedding anniversary party.  It’s going to be a huge family get together so expect a long post and lots of photos from that upcoming adventure.

Then a week after we get back from Phoenix the two of us are flying back east to visit the mouse. Thanks to some great deals from Disney we have upgraded to deluxe dinning and have several great dinners planned at our favorite restaurants. We did downgrade to a value hotel the All Star Movies Resort to save some money, so we are sure will have some thoughts on that as well to post. We scooped up tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, have Candle light processional tickets and are planning a 2 day side trip to Universal studios to visit the new Harry Potter land.  It’s going to be a very Christmasy trip.